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When Should We Stop Telling Each Other How Different We Are?

missionAre you hearing about "Diversity Programs" more, but enjoying it less? Top global thinkers are seriously questioning whether the traditional "Made in America" Diversity Paradigm has created more conflict than it has resolved in tandem with multiculturalism. Increasingly, both domestic and international experts are insisting that there must be new viable alternatives to....
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The King Days – Oops!

Money Vortex A good friend once quipped that "Blacks have a history of asking for the wrong things -- and getting them." Fifty years after the second emancipation of Blacks in this country, that argument, it seems, has some merit. The things Blacks fought for and won have proven to be offerings that cost....
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Unconscious Police – A Questionable Take on Questionable Killing

Pensive 7K0A0079   There is no shortage of opinion and rationalization regarding the spate of questionable killings in recent weeks and years by law enforcement officers. Few would argue that they are, in any case, tragic losses of life. The most recent incidents have shaken the sensibilities of Americans of all backgrounds. Government and....
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David Stern’s NBA Diversity Legacy

Money Vortex If history is any judge (and it usually is), it would be hard to categorize David Stern's run with the NBA as much of anything other than a major success story, by most measures. Even on the heels of the Donald Sterling controversies, no one can contest the success of the NBA in....
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