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The Mental DIVersity Trap and Cognitive Monsters

pencilssmallerThe entire D&I profession is running up against the divisiveness inherent in the DIVersity paradigm. The sad fact is that "valuing diversity" has been so deeply ingrained in the American mindscape that neither the consultants nor their clients seem to be able to escape from the cage of the differences-based mentality the “Diversity” profession has....
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#NotInMyName – Skinny and Sweet

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfYanI-zJes President Obama's September 24, 2014 address to the U.N. was one of the most complex from a President in many years, a necessity because of the audiences, The General Assembly and therefore the world. He could not reduce his message to the simplified American 'litmus test' of "for or against," "in or out."   Thus, Americans need to pay more than the usual attention to get....
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Mr. Muhammad and the Caterpillar

GW-Gautama 6-Inch 2012_08_11_EOS_0187 Perhaps Mr. Muhammad never really had a solid case from the start. Or... Perhaps the case of Muhammad v. Caterpillar, Inc. exemplifies how companies can "diffuse” a hostile environment, while legally guiding hostile employees in the execution of a career-ending maneuver against a minority employee. It may provide a view into one....
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iWatch is a Verb

smile test   Are we missing the point in all the hype over the iWatch®? The word "watch" in this Apple product name is actually a verb. It has only incidental connection to telling time, in much the same way that GoogleGlass® has little to do with improving vision. Yes, I own four watches, fine timepieces, and I....
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The Cannibal King

  The Cannibal King was feeling poorly, fatigued, headaches, digestive problems and more. So he made an appointment to see the Witch Doctor. "I'll run a few tests," said the Witch Doctor.  The results should be back next week." During the follow up visit, the Witch Doctor reported the results, "Well, Chief, you're going to have to change a few things.  You've got high blood pressure and a....
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Hand-wringing Over Google’s Employee Demographic

Google announced its employee demographics. Suddenly the hand-wringing began over the arguable lack of diversity at the technology giant. Diversity&Inclusion (D&I) professionals are paying attention...now. The clichés and aphorisms abound, extolling the virtues of the ostensible business case for diversity. But they ring hollow as the disappointed and disillusioned Diversity Professionals take aim at Google and its leadership, any illusion of inclusion at Google shattered. Back in....
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Seeds of the CultureNeutral® Framework – Part II

  RsearchTHE WORKING DEFINITION AND PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: “Diversity Management is a process of creating and maintaining an environment that naturally allows all individuals to reach their full potential in pursuit of organizational objectives, teaching them to promote, recognize and value differences and similarities. It is one starting point for building crucial organizational capabilities as a component of....
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