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Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention – Abstract

  RsearchABSTRACT "The Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention on Small Group Behavior, Interaction and Decision-Making in Non-Equilibrium Conditions" Copyright © 1995, 2014 Robert D. Jones - All Rights Reserved Organizational change interventions come in all shapes and sizes. While multicultural diversity interventions often narrowly focus on work environment and developing surrogate affirmative action vehicles, diversity interventions can and should take aim at preparing....
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Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention – Research Comments

  RsearchHere, we review some background on why we have great confidence in the quality of the research entitled, "The Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention on Small Group Behavior, Interaction and Decision-Making in Non-Equilibrium Conditions." Copyright © Robert D. Jones 1995, 2014 - All Rights Reserved Copies of the study are available. CONTACT US for information. The....
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Harvard IAT – How to Beat It and Why Bother – Part II

BrainScan Several thousand years ago, a well-known man uttered the famous sentence, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Apparently, making wakeful decisions without realizing what we are doing was more than just a recent discovery. Hidden bias, we're being told, may well rule all or most of our waking decisions. We....
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Ancient Proverbs Newly Coined

Ancient Proverbs [1]   Anthology of Ancient Proverbs Newly Coined by Rob Jones Copyright © 2016 © 2017 - All Rights Reserved   "That which does not kill you will almost always circle back for a second attempt."   "No matter how long you've been driving, if you can still see where you left in the rear view mirror, you....
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Harvard IAT – How to Beat It and Why Bother – Part I

  Bias The field/profession of “Diversity” has been taking a beating for a while now. Despite its continued and increasing presence in the business community, the pecuniary value and benefit of Diversity interventions remain in serious question. Not that it wasn’t a fine idea a half century ago as the vague concepts of “valuing differences” began to....
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SEEKING PUBLISHED RESEARCH on the Pecuniary Efficacy of Diversity & Inclusion

Money Vortex InclusiveWorks® is seeking to attract a reference list of published reports and studies showing clear superiority in business performance, including profitability, process gains, quality of decision-making and overall market performance of business, government or nonprofit organizations directly attributable to planned, implemented, monitored and reported Diversity & Inclusion programs. The documented results can....
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Political Correctness and Unspoken Bias

Predator-Stare-4618 On balance, which does a societal norm of political correctness do more, help or harm? When forced to go underground, people can get pretty good at hiding who they are.  Often, the only way to catch them in time is by way of their own mouths. Diversiphobes can do tremendous damage along the way before they get caught, as....
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