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Child Experimentation – Has D&I Finally Gone Too Far?

Hands Children csm_Copy_of_iStock_000013695021Medium_01_7df3533d0c Children are being forced to choose sides in America's racial culture wars. Diversity in the context of identity is a subject that can fill the average-sized library’s total shelf space, at the very least.  Racial differences, perhaps the most complex and combustible topic among all the related topics, may be a subject appropriate for curriculum investigation at graduate....
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Ancient Proverbs Newly Coined

Ancient Proverbs [1]   Anthology of Ancient Proverbs Newly Coined by Rob Jones Copyright © 2016 © 2017 - All Rights Reserved   "That which does not kill you will almost always circle back for a second attempt."   "No matter how long you've been driving, if you can still see where you left in the rear view mirror, you....
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