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The Values Statement – Part I

values statement “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m honored to be here with you this evening as the newest board member of WIAR, and even more so, as the first male on the Board of Directors. Having learned in the orientation of the feminist roots of the organization, I’m looking forward to getting in touch with my own radical feminist....
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The Values Statement – Part II

values statement One of the things that attracted me to this organization was the passion of the Board, and the compassion of the staff and volunteers for the survivors of sexual assault, and for its nationally known counseling model, its work of advocacy, outreach and education. The organization served all persons, not women alone, and all ages. I....
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The Values Statement – Part III

values statement “Look,” I continued, “In the 1900s, how much social capital did the Negro have in the United States?” Those in the room mostly just shook their heads, but a few vocalized, “None, really.” “How much political capital would they have had back then?” Same answer. “And you know how much financial capital the Negro had in the early 1900s, and....
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The Values Statement – Part IV

values statement Alex had been attentive but quiet the entire time. “I’ve been here a long time, and I know what the mission says. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anybody over the years say that it was to be taken literally. Our funders wouldn’t believe we could do this, and they might not believe we should even....
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The Values Statement – Part V

values statement From that day forward, the issue never reared its ugly head again at the organizational level, only in private discussions. The consensus seemed to be that the American lynching phenomenon was so unique that its remedial processes couldn’t be generalizable for the global issue of women’s issues, geographically, sociologically, culturally. A few continued to mull it....
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The Values Statement – Part VI

values statement How Would You Answer? 1. What are the primary differences between Feminine vs. Feminist values?

A. Are they mutually exclusive?

B. Can and do they operate in tandem?

2. Can or should a male head up an organization against sexual violence? 3. Are men and women at war? 4. Whose problem is this to solve? Who must be....
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