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Phantom Vibration Syndrome – UPDATE

CELLPH07 At the beginning of this century, during a business lunch an associates began to rise and excuse himself to answer his cell phone, courteously set to ‘vibrate.’  He deftly slid the phone from its holster, flipped it open to view the incoming number, only to freeze halfway out of his seat. He hovered for a split second....
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FAQ – InclusiveWorks® Diversity Retraining

Diversity Retraiining 1.     What is Diversity Retraining? CultureNeutral® Framework in its simplest form is the principles of neutrality applied to culture conflict at interpersonal, group and organizational levels. Though neutrality has been successfully applied in an array of areas, including business, science, politics, biology, of course in war, it has almost completely escaped serious examination as a viable construct in....
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InclusiveWorks™ Diversity Retraining

Pencils_at45_shutterstock_96665545 TRAINING CURRICULUM OUTLINE Module 01 Diversiphiles™ & Diversiphobes™ - $499
  • Diversity Retraining: Reframing the Challenges
  • Diversiphobes - Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Organizational Traits
  • Diversiphiles - Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Organizational Traits
  • Diversiphiles and Diversiphobes - Personal Behavior,  Assessment and Mitigation
  • Eliminating vs. Elevating "Differences" Mentality
  • Revisiting the Foundations of Multi-Cultural Diversity Intervention
Module 02 Culture as Conflict - $499
  • Revolution vs. Resolution: Reframing & Resetting expectations
  • "Diversity....
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