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Neutrality – The Case for Sustainable Commerce – Part II

. B04A0007 The progressive refinement of neutral principles over the centuries became a hallmark 20th Century global international protocols. It didn't end conflict. That was neither the hope nor the aim of neutrality. It did, however, help to sustain and govern important aspects of international commerce through conflicts as ranging and intense as two World Wars. What is the fundamental....
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Module 3 – Neutrality Types

. "...models of neutrality vary in practice...The following is intended only as a general descriptive definition on terms...:" "Permanent Neutrality: Perpetual by:

(a) legal act - legal status of military non-alliance in peacetime and non-participation in war, except for the purpose of legitimate defense, codified in international law and guaranteed or approved by a treaty arrangement involving the neutral state and external powers. (e.g. Switzerland)

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