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Module 3 – Neutrality Types

. "...models of neutrality vary in practice...The following is intended only as a general descriptive definition on terms...:" "Permanent Neutrality: Perpetual by:

(a) legal act - legal status of military non-alliance in peacetime and non-participation in war, except for the purpose of legitimate defense, codified in international law and guaranteed or approved by a treaty arrangement involving the neutral state and external powers. (e.g. Switzerland)

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INCLUSION – You Keep Using That Word…

"You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means." So said the swordsman Inigo Montoya to his Sicilian employer, Vizzini, who repeatedly blurted, "Inconceivable!" in the 1987 romantic comedy The Princess Bride. Montoya might likewise caution HR/Diversity adherents for their use of the word "Inclusion" and its variants as a mantra component. D&I....
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FAQ – InclusiveWorks® Diversity Retraining

Diversity Retraiining 1.     What is Diversity Retraining? CultureNeutral® Framework in its simplest form is the principles of neutrality applied to culture conflict at interpersonal, group and organizational levels. Though neutrality has been successfully applied in an array of areas, including business, science, politics, biology, of course in war, it has almost completely escaped serious examination as a viable construct in....
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InclusiveWorks™ Diversity Retraining

Pencils_at45_shutterstock_96665545 TRAINING CURRICULUM OUTLINE Module 01 Diversiphiles™ & Diversiphobes™ - $499
  • Diversity Retraining: Reframing the Challenges
  • Diversiphobes - Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Organizational Traits
  • Diversiphiles - Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Organizational Traits
  • Diversiphiles and Diversiphobes - Personal Behavior,  Assessment and Mitigation
  • Eliminating vs. Elevating "Differences" Mentality
  • Revisiting the Foundations of Multi-Cultural Diversity Intervention
Module 02 Culture as Conflict - $499
  • Revolution vs. Resolution: Reframing & Resetting expectations
  • "Diversity....
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A CultureNeutral® Welcome To Our Distinguished Visitors

Earth C01H0005 To Our Distinguished Visitors… It may sound bold, audacious, even presumptuous to announce that we are developing the successor to the “Diversity” paradigm. History shows that by definition, “movements” start somewhere and run their course; paradigms inevitably mature and “shift” away from the perspectives that generated them. It’s just reality. What has proven to be far less perishable....
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Bias in a Cereal Box

chalk After a century of delivering bias in a cereal bowl, General Mills has broken new ground, taken the first chip out of the cereal industry’s Berlin Wall of advertising. Some history provides cultural context. Crank the Time Machine dial back to 1967. The landmark U.S. Supreme Court’s Loving v. Virginia decision was issued on June 12....
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CONFLICT! The 21st Century Background Music

  George Santayana, Soliloquies in England (Scribner's, 1922) wrote “... only the dead have seen the end of war.” With the 100th anniversary of WWI behind us, those words are as true as they were the day they were penned. If you enjoyed the 20th Century, you’re going to love this one! The 21st Century is off to a roaring start, with nearly every part of the globe either embroiled....
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The Values Statement – Part I

values statement “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m honored to be here with you this evening as the newest board member of WIAR, and even more so, as the first male on the Board of Directors. Having learned in the orientation of the feminist roots of the organization, I’m looking forward to getting in touch with my own radical feminist....
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