Ancient Proverbs Newly Coined

Ancient Proverbs [1]


Anthology of Ancient Proverbs
Newly Coined 
by Rob Jones

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“That which does not kill you will almost always circle back for a second attempt.”


“No matter how long you’ve been driving, if you can still see where you left in the rear view mirror, you haven’t gone very far at all.”


“If you don’t believe there’s a conspiracy, you’re probably part of it.”


“The universe conspires to generate mutual gains.”


“You will never find eagles by looking under rocks.”


“Standing on a principle is as high up the ethical ladder as we can climb, but it doesn’t always work quite as well on the career ladder.”


“Great minds think alike…and by the way, so do mediocre minds, criminal minds and lazy minds.  Great minds know that’s how people form leadership teams.”


“Though leadership and greatness are not synonymous, our abiding hope is that they are at least coincident.”


“Anger is a powerful motivator, but a poor strategist.”


“The most popular workforce & employee interventions tend to operate on the “Spandex Principle.” You can squeeze a wide range of people into them, but it really only looks good on a few of them.”


“You can think an idea through carefully and thoroughly for years. But you can’t screw it up until you actually try to execute it.”


“The mantra “Celebrate Diversity” has become the opiate of social justice, focusing people on their own differences rather than on their own lack of progress.”


“Strategic thinking is mentally swinging at where the future is going to be.”


“When a speech leaves you speechless, that means it said everything that needed to be said.”


“The most agonizing part of any diet is the calendar.”


“It is an absolute miracle that you are here at all, that everyone in your ancestry survived, met and lived long enough to bear children in a line that goes all the way back to Adam — or Bonzo, depending on your viewpoint.”


“Social media is the contemporary forge in which the lowest common denominator is fashioned.”


“You don’t have to row downstream. Just stop rowing upstream.”


On the Nature of Leadership:  “Caveat secuutus.”  (Let the follower beware.)


“It ain’t magic until the rabbit appears. Up to that point, it’s all show.”


“Humans are 90% water, so it’s probably no coincidence that we each tend seek out those at our own levels. That’s intelligence at work. Intellect, however, runs uphill.”


“Some men are born leaders, others are made leaders, but all leaders inevitably become cynics…which is why so many of them get shot.”


“Believing a problem will never end is an assurance that nothing you do to solve it can succeed.”


“No matter how long you are gone, if you return from vacation ready to get to work, it wasn’t a vacation.”


“The place that most mice find cheese is in traps. If someone moved the cheese, leave a thank you note and move on.”


“Losing sleep over tomorrow is about excitement, anticipation and opportunity. Losing sleep over yesterday is about regrets and remorse. Better to lose sleep over what you will do than over what you have done.”


“There’s a great difference between acting subconsciously and acting thoughtlessly. Understanding the difference can often prevent both.”


“The difference between diversity vs. inclusion is the difference between being on the team vs. being part of the team.”


“Education is free. College is what’s costly.”


“Humankind’s harshest irony is that our greatest strength lies in our ability to establish facts, while our greatest weakness lies in our inability to face them.”


“We don’t need to sell our souls to live our dreams, but we do need to sell our dreams to satisfy our souls.”


“Lifetime learning shouldn’t merely mean lifetime college.”


“It’s easier to simply believe things true than to think things through.”


“The rich are getting richer. The poor are getting darker.”


“While our bodies and brains may determine our limits, they do not determine our paths.”


“The universe is a diversity engine. It never has and never will produce any two things that are exactly alike.  Get over it.”


“Once you land a job, you’ll realize that a paycheck buys a lot more than just groceries.”


“Dignity & Respect does not preclude doing battle, or even waging war.  In fact, many types of conflict and contest are preceded by an obligatory show of respect, and conclude with acts that dignify the combatants, particularly the loser.”


“At the new employee orientation, they told us how much they valued our individual diversity and uniqueness. Then they handed us our procedure manuals, our uniforms and showed us to our cubicles.”


“Putting the cart before the horse works wonderfully when going downhill backwards.”


“To think outside the box, you must first be convinced there is one.”


“The investment of the heart is the hardest of all to lose.”


“Building a better mousetrap will produce better mice.”


“Become an elephant hunter. Find the elephant in the room and shoot it.”


“In any truly free nation, the first 500 years are usually the toughest.”


“Know the difference between ‘love at first sight’ and ‘instant on.'”


“Belt-tightening is seldom a good strategy when your pants are down around your ankles.”


“Creativity should be generated from positive tension over the problem, not tension over the people engaged in solving it.”


“Everyone is a role model, whether they intend to be or not. Somebody’s child is watching you. The only question is whether you care or not.”


“Since 1914, the world  has been embroiled in war to the extent that “peace time” is now the equivalent of an international coffee break.”


“Never give your heart and soul to anything that doesn’t have one.”


“People will stop being racists when it isn’t worth the energy.”


“When the founding fathers declared “the pursuit of happiness” a Constitutional guarantee, they officially recognized that happiness is a moving target.”


Jones Rule #1 for Observing Functioning Systems or Entities: “First test the assumption that the system is doing what it was designed to do rather than failing to do what you would prefer that it do.”


“Pirates need bury their treasures but one shovel-full deeper than any reasonable man would dig.”


“Calling Barack Obama a ‘Black President’ is like looking at a black & white photograph and calling it Black Photography.”


“Calling American slavery ‘Black History’ is like looking at a black & white photograph and calling it Black Photography.”


“If you need a business case for ethics, you shouldn’t be allowed to own a business.”


“If you want to be a rainmaker, you’d better have some barrels.”


“To change the world, you must first catch it. Unfortunately, it’s had a really big head start.”


“The biggest problem with diversity is that it’s too diverse.”


“In business, that which goes unrewarded goes undone.”


“Those who cannot remember the past won’t have a clue they’re repeating it.”


“Human Capital is a more honest characterization than Human Resources.”


“When the gazelle knows the lion has fallen asleep, the gazelle can sleep soundly, if it believes it can awaken before the lion does.”


“Give a hungry man a fish and he’ll sell it at market price, buy fast food for dinner and bank the difference.  Teach a man to fish, and he’ll train a minimum wage crew to fish for him, and he’ll never fish or be hungry again.”


“Could we stop innovating for a while…just until we’ve solved most of the problems created by past innovations?”


On Implicit Bias:  “Trying to teach people to out-think their own brain is like trying to teach people to outrun their own feet.”


“As sand contributes a beauty to majestic beaches, so optimism contributes a beauty to the majestic human spirit; but like sand, optimism is perfect for burying one’s head in it. Where realism meets optimism, great things happen.”


“Do you think the government leaked “Area 51″ so that no one would ask what they’re hiding in the first 50 areas?”


“Good intentions don’t automatically translate into good strategies.”


“There are only three things you can do with roots, trace them, pull them up or put them down.”


“I don’t have the time or the money to changing the world.  But maybe I can just tweak it…”


“When no one raises an objection to a new idea, that’s the biggest sign that it won’t change anything.”


“The 20th Century, like no other before it, succeeded in confounding the social and political meanings of “change” and “progress.””


“If we adeptly teach only the things that work well in the classroom, our children will succeed in the classroom, but will fail in life.”


“Perhaps the greatest illusion of privilege is an unwavering faith in the sovereignty of meritocracy.”


“Take a more objective look around.  Just because you’re not at the bottom doesn’t mean you’re at the top.”


“All dead ends are not created equal. Know which kind you’re in before you reach for the cheese.”


“When in Rome, first learn why the Romans do as they do.”


“When the struggle becomes your identity, you’ve lost, permanently.”


“As I’m looking at the roosting chickens, it occurs to me that they might not have actually left home at all.”


“There’s no shame in losing. The shame is in staying lost.”


“History is like any other gift. It must be unwrapped to make use of it.”


“One cannot move up without moving on.”


“I know life offers everyone second chances.  I’m on my fourth one.”


“Conquerors grant freedom and equality to the conquered only when they are fully convinced that their captives can never and will never do to them what they did to their captives.”


“Memory Lane is our most cherished road, 
With markers lining each side.
As we travel back when, And see them again,
It can be a quite beautiful ride.”


“Music (theory) is a social system for sound (notes, tones or frequencies), from the values of the individual notes to the relationships among the collective that comprises the sound.  There are metaphorical equivalents described for almost every musical quality as they impact on our “cultural cochlea,” our spirit.”


“Optimism is often what often keeps us moving forward beyond the point of no return.”


“Employers should have the right to hire who they want.  Job candidates should have the right to become who employers want.”


“The most difficult and risky route to taming a beast is first convincing it to swallow you.”


“In the workplace, the phrase “I admire your courage” is most often followed by, “and it was an honor working with you.””


“At one point we believed that there were up to six degrees of separation between all of us and Kevin Bacon.  And then, Wilt Chamberlain confessed.”


“Next time you take your children to the zoo to help them appreciate the grand diversity in nature, remind them of this:  Only a few rungs on the helix determine which side of the glass you’re on.”


“Always look first for the best in people.  Always look first for the flaws in processes.”


“The only path to the future is through our young people.”


“Humans divide themselves using imaginary lines, then go to war over which side of the line they’re on. It’s mankind’s greatest self-inflicted global tragedy.”


“Modern leaders are no less capable than those throughout human history. Today’s can has just gotten too big to kick down the road.”


“History is a great place to visit, but I prefer not to live there.”


“The desires of our heart are the superscript, and our actions are the subscript of our words.”


“It isn’t enough to share the same vision of tomorrow. We must also share the same cognition of today.”


Attribution:  Rob Jones, InclusiveWorks®



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