Child Experimentation – Has D&I Finally Gone Too Far?

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Children are being forced to choose sides in America’s racial culture wars.

Diversity in the context of identity is a subject that can fill the average-sized library’s total shelf space, at the very least.  Racial differences, perhaps the most complex and combustible topic among all the related topics, may be a subject appropriate for curriculum investigation at graduate school levels, as well as the conduct of voluntary student experimentation.

But mandatory mind experimentation on grade school children?

Fieldston Lower School  of New York City “was promising to do even more in the name of racial equity, offering a pioneering new curriculum designed to give its youngest students the tools they’d need to navigate their own futures — and to bolster Fieldston’s sense of itself as a standard-bearer in progressive education.”

What Fieldston is actually doing is leading grade school children to prematurely self-select racial identities from an arbitrary list of questionable origin, then experimenting on them based on the forced and possibly false choices. This is clear cut fiddling with an intrusive solidification of personal identity, at best a questionable encroachment into the individual sovereignty of persons, and the rights of family in shaping that identity in the natural course of parenting.

Have Fieldston’s faculty and staff gone too far in the sociopolitical advocacy favoring a “diversity” curriculum for the purpose of molding young minds into the shape of what is often referred to as “progressive liberal thinking?” Regardless of intent, should children be subjected to a mandatory curriculum involving identity politicsexperimentation?

Diversity experimentation has suddenly leaped from grad schools to grade school.  What questions are raised — or should be raised — by the insertion of social progressivism into grade school curriculum and minds?

Is it ethical for schools to undertake the role of instilling a differences-based mentality in children? Should grade schools become the next battleground and children the new soldiers in the war between Diversiphiles and Diversiphobes?


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