SEEKING PUBLISHED RESEARCH on the Pecuniary Efficacy of Diversity & Inclusion

Money Vortex

InclusiveWorks® is seeking to attract a reference list of published reports and studies showing clear superiority in business performance, including profitability, process gains, quality of decision-making and overall market performance of business, government or nonprofit organizations directly attributable to planned, implemented, monitored and reported Diversity & Inclusion programs.

The documented results can be pretest-post test, direct comparisons to competitors, comparisons to industry or market averages (including indexes), or, in the case of new market entrants, revenue/profitability growth rates, market share/saturation growth rates, consumer/client preference/awareness rates and any other specific key success indicators that relate directly to financial performance.

This discussion is being posted to collect a solid reference library of applied research that unequivocally enumerates specific measurable achievements directly attributable to the implementation of D&I ( or either “D” or “I” ) programs in organizations of any kind.

Theoretical research papers and reports, public relations vehicles or advocacy literature, or climate/attitude changes are not the subject of this query.

While all responsive comments are welcomed for this discussion, the moderator will approve the entry if there is an evidentiary empirical element and reference to any assertions of benefits made. We will also accept similarly evidentiary references for either a lack of benefit, or a decrease in in financial performance and/or outcomes. If comments contain referrals to sources, they will be accepted.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations for this important list.

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