The Rooney Rule’s Love-Hate History


The NFL's "Rooney Rule" dictates that for all head-coaching openings, each team must interview at least one minority candidate. Of course, there is no quota or preference given to African Americans in hiring. So no actual white head coach candidates are harmed in the execution of the Rooney Rule. Can....
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Bungy Jump 1   SUSPENSE:  Watching with admiring awe from the safe, solid mountain’s edge as the slender and sleek young lady graced the clear altitudinous thin morning air with her form and flesh, arms outstretched in a classic swan dive having hurled herself with gleeful abandon from the tram’s bungee platform, calves and ankles clamped....
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Child Experimentation – Has D&I Finally Gone Too Far?

Hands Children csm_Copy_of_iStock_000013695021Medium_01_7df3533d0c Children are being forced to choose sides in America's racial culture wars. Diversity in the context of identity is a subject that can fill the average-sized library’s total shelf space, at the very least.  Racial differences, perhaps the most complex and combustible topic among all the related topics, may be a subject appropriate for curriculum investigation at graduate....
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Held Hostage by Her Honda!

penny-dreadful-trapped-in-carThe frantic phone call from our neighbor sounded like a prank. It wasn’t. “I’m locked in my car. Can you please come over right away with the key? My daughter took my keys, and I can’t get out.” She had pulled into her driveway while talking with her office on the mobile phone, like many other days. Her teenager daughter exited the....
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The King Days – Oops!

Money Vortex A good friend once quipped that "Blacks have a history of asking for the wrong things -- and getting them." Fifty years after the second emancipation of Blacks in this country, that argument, it seems, has some merit. The things Blacks fought for and won have proven to be offerings that cost....
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Unconscious Police – A Questionable Take on Questionable Killing

Pensive 7K0A0079   There is no shortage of opinion and rationalization regarding the spate of questionable killings in recent weeks and years by law enforcement officers. Few would argue that they are, in any case, tragic losses of life. The most recent incidents have shaken the sensibilities of Americans of all backgrounds. Government and....
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