CN Citizen Series

CultureNeutral® Key Number 4 – Organizational Citizen/ship Behavior

missionIn Dennis W. Organ's original 1983 construct, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB), Organ proposed that beneficial individual behaviors within organizations can manifest as what he called a "Good Soldier Syndrome" among employees. [1] Organ thoughtfully asserted, "...OCB is hardly a "neutral" concept...," his recognition that citizen soldiers are anything but neutral in....
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OCB – Cultural Implications of Good Soldiers

. Good Soldier A03B0023Who wouldn't want their employees to be "good soldiers?" Military metaphors abound in business, and for good reason. Soldiers become employees. Businesses get military contracts. Military leaders become business leaders. The transfer of military technologies, thinking and culture to businesses is unavoidable, including the metaphors. "The Good Soldier Syndrome" defined for business organizations by....
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OCB? Okay, But Is It Contagious?

. Queens Guard A03B0021Sounds like you'd need therapy for OCB, at the very least. But it's not a disorder. Studied since the late 1970s, OCB achieved notoriety in 1988 with the release of “Organizational Citizenship Behavior," authored by Dennis Organ. Extending the concept of "citizenship" in organizations rather than in polity or jurisdictions seemed a natural.....
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