CN Teaching/Training Events

“BETWEEN TWO WORLDS – A Multicultural and Multilingual Anthology” by Alan Hidalgo


The only path to the future is through our young people. If we want a future in which culture will be a unifying force of positive energy rather than a politically charged and divisive phenomenon, then logically, teaching young people today will bring a healthier and more civil tomorrow.  How, then, are they to be effectively reached when attempting to create a....
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Diversiphile and/or Diversiphobe Coaching/Training

CNM - D-D Training Diversiphobe and/or Diversiphile training and coaching facilitates work and professional behaviors and attitudes centered in the achievement of cultural equanimity in challenging intercultural work environments. Diversiphobe and/or Diversiphile coaching/teaching addresses both frames at five key stages:
  1. Subconscious predispositions (blind spots)
  2. Conscious learned/transmitted cultural behaviors (identity)
  3. Short term decisions in non-equilibrium conditions (rationality, sense-making)
  4. Long term behavioral commitments (principles, competence)
  5. Premeditated (rehearsed) responses to cultural....
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