Challenge of Defining Culture vs. Religion – Different? Or The Same?

Culture - asu14How do you define and distinguish between "religion" and "culture" in life? The Constitution of the United States of America prominently mentions "religion" in the First Amendment.  There is no mention of "culture" in The Constitution. Why not? In 1889, well after the framers of the Constitution recognized the challenges of pluralism while at the....
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Separation of Culture and State – Cultural Neutrality

GW 2012_08_11_EOS_0189 Does the United States benefit from new laws to deal with the new realities of its multi-layered pluralism? A look at one significant facet of America's "diversity of values" may suggest an answer. Intense religious conflict rages in hot spots around the world. The global challenges with managing religious diversity (expressed as "differences") are reflected....
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When Should We Stop Telling Each Other How Different We Are?

missionAre you hearing about "Diversity Programs" more, but enjoying it less? Top global thinkers are seriously questioning whether the traditional "Made in America" Diversity Paradigm has created more conflict than it has resolved in tandem with multiculturalism. Increasingly, both domestic and international experts are insisting that there must be new viable alternatives to....
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