Botox and Bias? – Turn Your Bias Upside Down

smiling-womanBlood pressure has long been dubbed the “silent killer" because it is often asymptomatic. Researchers have learned that hypertension (high blood pressure) can be manipulated by self-management of the organic expressions and controls for hypertension. That's a mouthful. It simply means that the physical and physiological things we can voluntarily control, such as emotion, muscular tension, respiration and thought,....
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Harvard IAT – How to Beat It and Why Bother – Part II

BrainScan Several thousand years ago, a well-known man uttered the famous sentence, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Apparently, making wakeful decisions without realizing what we are doing was more than just a recent discovery. Hidden bias, we're being told, may well rule all or most of our waking decisions. We....
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Harvard IAT – How to Beat It and Why Bother – Part I

  Bias The field/profession of “Diversity” has been taking a beating for a while now. Despite its continued and increasing presence in the business community, the pecuniary value and benefit of Diversity interventions remain in serious question. Not that it wasn’t a fine idea a half century ago as the vague concepts of “valuing differences” began to....
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Module 1 – Neutral America, Neutral Americans

GW 2012_08_11_EOS_0189 From its beginnings in 1792, the French revolution grew into the Napoleonic wars, and France declared war against several European enemies.  American Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, assured the French Minister that the U.S. would "render all those good offices which shall be consistent with the duties of a neutral nation." By early 1793,....
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Module 4 – Neutrality – Terms, Models

. [1] "There is no reconciling war and neutrality. Each stands in the other's way. The reason is that they represent diametrically opposed aspirations: one contributes to the reign of force and arbitrary action; the other, to that of law, order and peace." [2] "The exercise of the right to remain neutral did not necessarily imply that the choice was final. A State which, at the beginning....
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Module 3 – Neutrality Types

. "...models of neutrality vary in practice...The following is intended only as a general descriptive definition on terms...:" "Permanent Neutrality: Perpetual by:

(a) legal act - legal status of military non-alliance in peacetime and non-participation in war, except for the purpose of legitimate defense, codified in international law and guaranteed or approved by a treaty arrangement involving the neutral state and external powers. (e.g. Switzerland)

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