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Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention – Abstract



The Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention
on Small Group Behavior, Interaction and Decision-Making in Non-Equilibrium Conditions

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Organizational change interventions come in all shapes and sizes. While multicultural diversity interventions often narrowly focus on work environment and developing surrogate affirmative action vehicles, diversity interventions can and should take aim at preparing a workforce for the stresses and strains of true organizational change. Research has shown that diversity can hinder communication of cognition critical to optimum problem-solving.

The greatest payoff of diversity-based intervention can be to create an environment in which the conditions necessary for high-performance team interaction and decision-making are at a zenith. Research indicates that building genuine relations between diverse members can add value not otherwise attainable for either homogeneous teams or untrained diverse teams. This would be especially critical for thriving under the trauma of organizational strategic reorientation.

This study compares the strength of communication preconditions between teams comprised of members that have been exposed to one multicultural diversity intervention to teams comprised of members that have had no programmatic multicultural diversity exposure.

The results may indicate that even an exemplary organizational culture change intervention with a focus on multicultural diversity may not go far enough to facilitate superior ability to communicate critical cognition between diverse team members.

Under the stresses of non-equilibrium brought about by strategic reorientation, the opportunity for gaining the added value from an organization’s workforce diversity may be lost.


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