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Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention – Research Comments


RsearchHere, we review some background on why we have great confidence in the quality of the research entitled, “The Impact of Cultural Diversity Management Intervention on Small Group Behavior, Interaction and Decision-Making in Non-Equilibrium Conditions.”

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The Diversity Consultant, an eminent nationally known expert on emerging workplace issues who traveled and studied with practitioners from various world cultures, held a Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University, served on the faculty of a world class university, conducted annual university level executive development programs, authored two books and co-authored a popular training video series in wide use, had been profiled in industry and media publications including Black Enterprise Magazine, CNN Financial News, and had been awarded the ASTD Human Resources Development Excellence Award, among other prestigious honors. The offering was one of the most advanced and acclaimed in the country. Without going into details of content and technique, suffice it to say that this wasn’t a “window dressing” consultant engagement, but represented a major commitment and investment by the C-Suite. The quality of the Diversity intervention is not at issue.

The Research Methodology was vetted with members of three university faculties, University of Western Ontario, Toronto, University of Maryland and Geneva College, Pennsylvania.  The instrument and data collection was patterned after well-known expert and validated techniques (Kumar, Watson, Michaelson; DiStefano, Maznevski).  The process integrity was carefully monitored and validated by third parties inside each of the organizations.  The data analysis was certified by faculty in the School of Human Resources Management and Statistics faculty at Geneva College, and the final applied research work product was awarded research honors by college faculty, and ensconced in the school library where it remains to this day.  (Not hermetically sealed.)

The bulk of the diversity measures were based on what would later become part of the IDS-MBI Model® (Mapping, Bridging, Integrating). IDS-MBI is a registered trademark of IMD International, Lausanne, Switzerland, Professor Joseph Distefano, then at University of Western Ontario, Toronto, along with the invaluable contributions and encouragement of Professor Martha Maznevski, then at University of Maryland, both of whom graciously provided guidance in the design and conduct of the study, 

The Companies were both highly cooperative, provided executive level support for the research, skilled staff and technical assistance through the Market Research group, contributing both research expertise and process support to ensure a quality, defensible result for the applied research.

In short, there’s a better than even chance that the Diversity Intervention itself and the applied research project met at least acceptable standards of quality.

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