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Diversiphile and/or Diversiphobe Coaching/Training

CNM - D-D Training

Diversiphobe and/or Diversiphile training and coaching facilitates work and professional behaviors and attitudes centered in the achievement of cultural equanimity in challenging intercultural work environments.

Diversiphobe and/or Diversiphile coaching/teaching addresses both frames at five key stages:

  1. Subconscious predispositions (blind spots)
  2. Conscious learned/transmitted cultural behaviors (identity)
  3. Short term decisions in non-equilibrium conditions (rationality, sense-making)
  4. Long term behavioral commitments (principles, competence)
  5. Premeditated (rehearsed) responses to cultural cues (principled efficacy)

We overlay a matrix of six key areas of interaction on the interpersonal-intergroup continuum:

  1. Individual (self-identity and personal growth, efficacy)
  2. Dyadic (interpersonal skill)
  3. Team/Group (integration, engagement, performance)
  4. Community (negotiation, leadership, strategy)
  5. Citizenship (organizational citizen behaviors)
  6. Culture/Civilization (competence, diplomacy)

Please use our “CONTACT US page to schedule a Diversiphile and/or Diversiphobe Coaching and Training Programs.


Please use our “CONTACT US for more information on Diversiphile and/or Diversiphobe Coaching and Training Programs, teaching professionals the secrets of managing and working effectively with the Diversiphile and/or Diversiphobe frames in your business or professional career.