Post-Diversity – What Does It Mean?

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Essayist D.J. Waldie, describes Los Angeles a number of ways. One way in particular caught my eye…



“It’s a post-diversity city,” he wrote, “where ‘diversity’ talk is both a sign of Anglo anxiety about the new people living next door and a word of self-congratulation about not being too anxious.”

In contrast, Santa Monica columnist, Steve Stajich, says, not so fast in his piece, “Not Quite Post-Diversity.”

Stajich’s express concern was “the tragically continuing events in various cities involving police and African American citizens has pushed the notion of a “post-racial” America back a few steps…”

Catchy phrase, “post-diversity.”  It’s been popping up now and then lately.

Everyone is sensing that something is still deeply amiss in America, despite the talk of diversity as our strength.  Is “Post-Diversity” a valid phrase? Why is it evidencing a dawning in the media? What does it mean?

Is it becoming apropos because “The Diversity Paradigm” is finally winning out over the forces of racism, misogyny and bigotry?

Or is it surfacing because The Diversity Paradigm has failed so dramatically after 50 years of promoting a differences-based way of meeting one another, and America is increasingly interested in moving on to something more effective?

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