The Values Statement – Part VI

values statement

How Would You Answer?

1. What are the primary differences between Feminine vs. Feminist values?

A. Are they mutually exclusive?

B. Can and do they operate in tandem?

2. Can or should a male head up an organization against sexual violence?

3. Are men and women at war?

4. Whose problem is this to solve? Who must be in the lead?

5. Do you believe the crime of rape can be eliminated in America? If so, how and how soon? If no, why not, and how does that affect your approach to life?

6. Are men complicit in the problem, or is it just the rapists?

7. How have so many women succeeded, even excelled, despite operating within a belief system that this will never, ever end?

8. What principle values and valued principles must exist when:

A. belief in an end of violent gender conflict and peace exists?

B. belief in an end of violent gender conflict and peace does not exist.

9. What are your suggestions for transforming views on gender conflict?

10. What are your suggestions for ending sexual assault and rape of all kinds?

Recommended Readings/References

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