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Diversiphile and Diversiphobe Frames – What Are They?

Chalk It Up InclusiveWorks "The passage of time brings with it new terms and expanded meanings," said Tama Seavy, a colleague in New York, when she saw the terms "diversiphobe" and "diversiphile."  Those meanings, she intimated, may or may not be immediately apparent as accurate definitions of artifacts, situations or circumstances in a given country....
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Celebrating Negativity Part 1 – The Invisible Power of “Againstness”

HeartBalloon_shutterstock_97614038 Color [2]What is the language of Diversity? Language is defined in increasingly complex ways. Consistent throughout the more global definitions of language are references to methods, systems, structures and agreements on ways of communicating thoughts or meanings. Language can be accomplished through spoken, written or physical conventions. Human languages divide into systems of communication....
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