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Module 1 – Neutral America, Neutral Americans

GW 2012_08_11_EOS_0189 From its beginnings in 1792, the French revolution grew into the Napoleonic wars, and France declared war against several European enemies.  American Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, assured the French Minister that the U.S. would "render all those good offices which shall be consistent with the duties of a neutral nation." By early 1793,....
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Module 4 – Neutrality – Terms, Models

. [1] "There is no reconciling war and neutrality. Each stands in the other's way. The reason is that they represent diametrically opposed aspirations: one contributes to the reign of force and arbitrary action; the other, to that of law, order and peace." [2] "The exercise of the right to remain neutral did not necessarily imply that the choice was final. A State which, at the beginning....
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Neutrality – The Case for Sustainable Commerce – Part II

. B04A0007 The progressive refinement of neutral principles over the centuries became a hallmark 20th Century global international protocols. It didn't end conflict. That was neither the hope nor the aim of neutrality. It did, however, help to sustain and govern important aspects of international commerce through conflicts as ranging and intense as two World Wars. What is the fundamental....
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CultureNeutral® Key Number 4 – Organizational Citizen/ship Behavior

missionIn Dennis W. Organ's original 1983 construct, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB), Organ proposed that beneficial individual behaviors within organizations can manifest as what he called a "Good Soldier Syndrome" among employees. [1] Organ thoughtfully asserted, "...OCB is hardly a "neutral" concept...," his recognition that citizen soldiers are anything but neutral in....
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The Values Statement – Part VI

values statement How Would You Answer? 1. What are the primary differences between Feminine vs. Feminist values?

A. Are they mutually exclusive?

B. Can and do they operate in tandem?

2. Can or should a male head up an organization against sexual violence? 3. Are men and women at war? 4. Whose problem is this to solve? Who must be....
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