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When Should We Stop Telling Each Other How Different We Are?

missionAre you hearing about "Diversity Programs" more, but enjoying it less? Top global thinkers are seriously questioning whether the traditional "Made in America" Diversity Paradigm has created more conflict than it has resolved in tandem with multiculturalism. Increasingly, both domestic and international experts are insisting that there must be new viable alternatives to....
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Celebrating Negativity Part 1 – The Invisible Power of “Againstness”

HeartBalloon_shutterstock_97614038 Color [2]What is the language of Diversity? Language is defined in increasingly complex ways. Consistent throughout the more global definitions of language are references to methods, systems, structures and agreements on ways of communicating thoughts or meanings. Language can be accomplished through spoken, written or physical conventions. Human languages divide into systems of communication....
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