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Neutrality – The Case for Sustainable Commerce – Part II

. B04A0007 The progressive refinement of neutral principles over the centuries became a hallmark 20th Century global international protocols. It didn't end conflict. That was neither the hope nor the aim of neutrality. It did, however, help to sustain and govern important aspects of international commerce through conflicts as ranging and intense as two World Wars. What is the fundamental....
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CultureNeutral® Key Number 4 – Organizational Citizen/ship Behavior

missionIn Dennis W. Organ's original 1983 construct, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB), Organ proposed that beneficial individual behaviors within organizations can manifest as what he called a "Good Soldier Syndrome" among employees. [1] Organ thoughtfully asserted, "...OCB is hardly a "neutral" concept...," his recognition that citizen soldiers are anything but neutral in....
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